14 Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins – 2021
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14 Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins – 2021

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To encourage visitors to return to your website there are various ways like creating an email campaign, creating quality content, and posting actively on social media.

Web push notification is also a method to get returning visitors. In this method, you send different notifications to your previous visitors on different platforms like desktop, android, and iOS. By doing this, your lost visitors who have not visited your website for a long time will visit your site again after checking your notification.

You can send notifications for various things like new posts, content updates, new landing page creation, product launches, or even product price drops.

Here is how a push notification plugin looks like on a desktop:

Here are the best WordPress push notifications plugins:


1- OneSignal

OneSignal is the industry’s best web push notification WordPress plugin. It is a popular plugin that has over 100k active installations.

Top Features Of OneSignal

  • It supports almost every browser including Chrome, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Firebox.
  • You can install it on both HTTP and HTTPS websites.
  • It allows you to customize the web push notifications like how to ask your visitors to opt-in to browser notifications.
  • With real-time analytics, you can check how your notifications are delivered and how they convert into visitors.
  • You can use OneSignal on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • You can schedule notifications based on the user’s location and last visiting time.

Pricing Of OneSignal

OneSignal is a free-to-use plugin.

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2- Webpushr

Webpushr notification plugin. By using this WordPress plugin, you can send notifications to user’s browsers even if they are not on your website.

Top Features Of Webpushr 

  • Every time you publish a new post, you can automatically send notifications to the visitor.
  • It supports almost all browsers and device types like android and iOS.
  • For the WooCommerce store, you can send automated notifications for new product launches or product drops.
  • You can also send abandoned cart reminders to users to increase sales.
  • With the clean dashboard, you can see the number of subscribers, type of OS, device, and engagement rate.
  • Webpushr also enables you to add emojis and images to make messages clickable and engaging.

Pricing Of Webpushr 

Webpushr is a free-to-use plugin.

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3- WonderPush

By using the WonderPush WordPress plugin, you can send unlimited notifications to the users. You can install it on your website to grow your audience.

Top Features Of WonderPush 

  • If visitors haven’t visited your website for a few days then you can send them quick push notifications.
  • You can send push notifications to specific users or subscribers based on tags, location, and events.
  • You can send notifications to people who leave your website without buying.
  • Check real-time message deliveries and check how it converts to visitors.
  • WonderPush also supports AMP websites which means you can add it on your AMP site.
  • Supports Android, HTTP, and HTTPS sites. Also supports web browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

Pricing Of WonderPush 

WonderPush is a free-to-use plugin.

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4- PushEngage Web Push Notifications

Web push notification plugin by PushEngage helps you retain your customers by sending browser notifications. PushEngage is trusted by over 10k companies in more than 150 countries.

Top Features Of PushEngage

  • It offers 7 types of subscription opt-ins that you can customize as per your messages.
  • With the “Segmentation” feature, you can divide subscribers based on different attributes like location, interest, and browser.
  • It enables you to use the Drip Push Notification campaign to increase website traffic and engage new visitors.
  • With PushEngage’s AB testing, you can test your push notification campaigns using multiple parameters to check which one is best for your audience.
  • The “Auto Push” feature sends notifications of new posts automatically to the subscribers.
  • With Push Analytics data, check notifications performance and make changes in your campaign for better results.

Pricing Of PushEngage

PushEngage is a free-to-use plugin.

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5- Subscribers

Subscribers is a simple and easy-to-use web push notification plugin that you can install on your WordPress website. By using it, you can alert your customers for new offers, events, and discounts.

Top Features Of Subscribers

  • You can send push notifications to users for almost everything including new content addition, blog post, product, service, news, offers, and discount.
  • It supports Chrome and Firefox.
  • By using, Subscribers plugin, you can send an unlimited web push notification, there are no limitations.
  • It also offers real-time tracking and reporting so that you can audit your campaigns.
  • Whether you have an HTTP site or an HTTPS site, it works for both.

Pricing Of Subscribers

Subscribers is a free-to-use plugin.

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6- Push Notifications for WP & AMP

Push Notifications for WP is a WordPress plugin by Magazine3. It is a very easy-to-use plugin as it takes a few minutes to set up. It also provides great customer support for your help.

Top Features Of Push Notifications for WP

  • It supports AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) websites.
  • It is also PWA (Progressive Web Apps) friendly that offers offline push notifications.
  • Your notification will appear as message alerts on the user’s devices.
  • The plugin updates its features and functionality from time to time.

Pricing Of Push Notifications for WP

Push Notifications for WP is a free-to-use plugin.

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7- Gravitec.net

Gravitec is an advanced WordPress push notification plugin that allows you to automate your push notification in just a few clicks. Gravitec is trusted by more than 50k websites worldwide.

Top Features Of Gravitec 

  • You can customize the opt-in box with your own text on permission options.
  • It allows you to enable automation such as RSS and Drip campaigns.
  • For each sent campaign, you can check statistics like deliveries, sends, and the user clicks within the dashboard.
  • You can add unlimited websites, users, tags, and segments to your Gravitec account.
  • You can also send your Twitter tweets automatically in push notifications.

Pricing Of Gravitec 

Gravitec is a free-to-use plugin.

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8- PushAlert

PushAlert is an automated web push notification plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce. By using this plugin, you can engage visitors and can boost the click-through rate.

Top Features Of PushAlert 

  • For more engagement and conversions, you can not only target subscribers based on location and interest but also create your custom parameters.
  • With “Conversion Funnels”, you can create a funnel based on subscriber’s behavior with your online store like the last product they visited and bring more sales.
  • Using your RSS feed, you can send automatic notifications of new posts and can also schedule notifications.
  • With multi-language support, you can show the opt-in prompt in any language and can also send each notification in different languages automatically as the subscriber’s language.
  • The timezone-based scheduling enables you to schedule notifications based on subscriber’s timezone like when they are active.
  • With Push Alerts’ advanced statistics, you can analyze which campaign is driving higher click-through rates.

Pricing Of PushAlert 

PushAlert is a free-to-use plugin.

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9- Truepush

Truepush is a 5-star rating WordPress plugin. You can use it for both desktop and mobile devices. Truepush also has the ability to handle more than 3 billion web notifications.

Top Features Of Truepush 

  • Truepush offers unlimited features including features, projects, notifications, and segments.
  • With the clean dashboard, you can do all the things like creating, sending, organize, and campaigns, racking in one place.
  • It offers so many segmentations including location, interest, region, browser, and last visited day or hour. Also, can create custom segments.
  • It enables you to copy or duplicate your existing campaign setting to save time by importing all the important settings.
  • Truepush is an ad-free plugin that means your subscribers will not see ads in push notifications.

Pricing Of Truepush 

Truepush is a free-to-use plugin.

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10- Beamer

Beamer can be used to send announcements for important news, offers, and new products. By using Beamer, you can get 10x more customer and website traffic.

Top Features Of Beamer 

  • To make your notification more engaging and attractive, you can add tests, videos, images, and GIFs.
  • You can collect user’s reactions and feedback on your notification that help you improve your messages.
  • To not send the same announcements to all your subscribers, you can target groups based on interest and location.
  • You can customize the Beamer design like color and notification type to make it more attractive.

Pricing Of Beamer 

Beamer is a free-to-use plugin.

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11- PushAssist

PushAssist is tested by thousands of WordPress site owners and developers. You can send targeted push notifications to engage your audience.

Top Features Of PushAssist 

  • It can send notifications according to an operating system like Android message alerts.
  • It works on both HTTP and HTTPS version websites.
  • By using PushAssist, you can use your own GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) keys for push notifications.
  • Send automated notifications on new posts and even post updates.
  • While sending push notifications, you can send website logos and post images.

Pricing Of PushAssist 

PushAssist is a free-to-use plugin.

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12- iZooto Web Push Notification

iZooto is a good web push notification WordPress plugin that can be used on both mobile and desktop. The plugin can boost your CTR by 3% to 25%.

Top Features Of iZooto 

  • iZooto supports Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.
  • You can also use the AMP website and convert your visitor into your customers by sending push notifications.
  • With notification drips and funnels, you can send automated notifications as per audience actions.
  • iZooto supports both desktop and mobile device targeting.
  • With a single iZooto account, you can add and manage multiple websites.

Pricing Of iZooto

iZooto is a free-to-use plugin.

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13- Smart Notifications

Smart Notifications is a premium WordPress plugin offered by CodeCanyon. It is an all-in-one plugin that can be used as a web push notification, newsletter, and Facebook messenger.

Top Features Of Smart Notifications

  • Smart Notifications supports almost all web browsers and also supports Samsung’s browser app.
  • With advanced analytics, you can track your notifications’ clicks, and views.
  • The plugin has the ability to automatically disable any invalid subscribers.
  • For mobile push notification, it supports iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry 10 phones.
  • You can customize the badge, icon, and sounds for notification on mobile.

Pricing Of Smart Notifications

Smart Notifications cost you $99 for a lifetime.

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14- Fire Push

Fire Push is an HTML web push notification offered by CodeCanyon. You can use it to send live notifications to increase traffic and sales.

Top Features Of Fire Push

  • You can send notifications for different activities like the new post, content updates, new products, orders, deals, discounts, and product price changes.
  • Fire Push also allows you to customize the opt-in popup for desktop and mobile.
  • You can also customize the notification icon or image, title, and link.
  • Fire Push can send both live and background notifications on user’s devices.
  • For users with an online WordPress store, it supports WooCommerce.

Pricing Of Fire Push

Fire Push costs you $19 for a lifetime.

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So, these are the top push notification plugins for WordPress. For every website, it is very important to increase user engagement and website visitors, and to achieve this we have various strategies. Push notification is one of the best strategy to boost your audience engagement with your website.

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