12 Of The Very Best Tech Affiliate Programs For 2021
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12 Of The Very Best Tech Affiliate Programs For 2021

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In the last 200 years alone a quantum leap in technology has taken us from basic industrial processes to landing on the Moon.

Now we’re just about to start our journey towards becoming a multi-planet species.

Which places us at the starting line of a Type I civilization on the Kardashev scale.

Basically, we love finding new ways to integrate technology into our lives.

That’s probably why the global value of the tech industry stands at US$4 trillion.

And that’s without taking consumer habits into account.

Because when you do, you can start earning a monthly income from your affiliate marketing business that looks like this:

Ah Affiliate Commissions Example

Or this:

Ah Affiliate Commissions Example

This niche can be incredibly lucrative.

As long as you’re working with the right tech affiliate programs.

But choosing affiliate programs can be a real pain in the ass.

So we did all the research for you.

You’re welcome.

Tech Affiliate Programs

  1. Sonos
  2. Kellyco Metal Detectors
  3. Rocketbook
  4. Microsoft
  5. GoPro
  6. Kinsta
  7. Eco Flow
  8. Garmin
  9. DJI
  10. Trackimo
  11. Epson
  12. Frontpoint Home Security


Sonos Homepage Screenshot

How cool would it be to be able to listen to your favorite music in any room in your home?

On any device of your choice and for the system to also respond to voice commands.

That’s what Sonos does.

Oh, and you can set it up as an alarm clock too.

The only thing that’s missing is for Sonos to detect what mood you’re in and adjust the soundtrack of life to match.

You have to be Bill Gates to enjoy that level of technological automation though.

Sonos Affiliate Program Stats

This affiliate program pays its affiliates a flat 8% on all purchases from the Sonos store.

So you don’t have to juggle multiple rates.

Another plus is that this is one of the top-performing programs on the Commission Junction affiliate network.

URL: Sonos affiliate program

Commission:  8%

EPC:  $34.81

Cookie duration: 1 day

Kellyco Metal Detectors

Kellyco Homepage Screenshot

Okay, so metal detectors might not necessarily count as cutting-edge tech.

But they’re still cool now, decades after they were invented.

A modern metal detector is basically a modified landmine detector.

Something which the founder of KellyCo realized after serving during the Korean War.

His success in finding coins, rings, and other jewelry resulted in enthusiastic treasure hunters buying up every metal detector he owned.

They sell metal detectors ranging in price from $69 to £339.

Does that seem expensive?

The biggest gold nugget discovered with an inexpensive metal detector was worth US$1,553,500 when auctioned.

Kellyco Affiliate Program Stats

Kellyco’s affiliate marketing program pays its affiliates 5% commission on everything sold through affiliate links.

So you can expect to earn around $11 per referred sale.

URL: Kellyco Metal Detectors affiliate program

Commission:  5%

EPC:  $24.46

Cookie duration: 90 days


Rocketbook Homepage Screenshot

Rocketbook ticks a number of important boxes in terms of marketing-affiliates should pay attention.

Firstly, they’re infinitely reusable notebooks, so that makes them environmentally friendly.

And secondly, they use some pretty neat tech to offer that.

This involves using a special type of pen and paper that feels just like the real deal.

But you can scan the contents of each page with your smartphone, upload it to your cloud service of choice, and then simply wipe the pages clean with a damp cloth.

Hey presto – a brand new notebook.

One really neat feature is being able to “tag” each page to upload to a specific cloud storage system.

Rocketbook Affiliate Program Stats

They pay affiliates 10% of every sale generated through your referral links.

Rocketbook is also a relatively new company compared to the other affiliate programs in this roundup, so being an early adopter here could be a smart move.

URL: Rocketbook affiliate program

Commission:  10%

EPC:  $24.17

Cookie duration: 365 days


Microsoft Homepage Screenshot

Well, we don’t need to tell you who Microsoft is or that its co-founder is the richest man on Earth.

What we will tell you, however, is that Microsoft does have a lot of different products you can promote to your audience.

So, there’s the obvious stuff like a license for Windows or the latest version of Microsoft 365.

But don’t overlook their app store, their ‘Surface’ tablets, or even just the fact that they manufacture the Xbox.

That means this one program applies to multiple markets at the same time, from gaming to digital marketing.

Microsoft Affiliate Program Stats

So how does this offer look when compared to the other affiliate programs here?

A pet peeve of mine is when programs have 3 or 4 different affiliate payout rates.

But the Microsoft program has more than 10 commission rates, which could lead to confusion.

The highest payouts though are to be found on their Xbox and Office 365 products – just FYI.

URL: Microsoft affiliate program

Commission:  Up to 7%


Cookie duration: 14 days


Gopro Homepage Screenshot

Wearable technology has come a long way in just the last 10 years.

And there’s no better example of this than GoPro cameras.

They’ve become popular with everyone from extreme sports pros to members of the military.

Allowing anyone using a GoPro to capture each moment as it happens, and in high definition.

Especially all the “bro dudes”.

GoPro sells an entire range of action cameras and accessories, with prices starting at around $200 for their entry-level model.

Gopro Affiliate Program Stats

So what does this tech affiliate program offer people like you, apart from GoPro’s excellent customer service?

Firstly, affiliates get to promote products that have massive brand recognition.

And secondly, you earn 5% commission on all referred sales.

URL: GoPro affiliate program

Commission:  5%

EPC:  $55.25

Cookie duration: 30 days


Kinsta Homepage Screenshot

When you think “tech” you probably only think about hardware.

But tech products also span the intangible and digital products – like web hosting services, for example.

And one of the very best out there right now is Kinsta.

This is the web host we use to power everything we do here at Authority Hacker.

You get professionally managed WordPress hosting, all based on an architecture designed for speed and reliability.

Obviously, this level of performance comes at a cost, which is $30 per month for their most basic package.

But you definitely get what you pay for in the web hosting market – affiliates know this all too well.

Kinsta Affiliate Program

We know that you love those really meaty affiliate programs – the ones with big payouts.

So you’ll probably do cartwheels when we tell you that Kinsta pays its affiliates up to $500 per sale.

Making this one of the best affiliate programs out there in terms of income potential.

URL: Kinsta affiliate program

Commission:  Up to $500 per sale


Cookie duration: 60 days

Eco Flow

Eco Flow Homepage Screenshot

You know how that during a power outage you think, “Cool…I’ll just make some coffee and read a book…” and then realize you can’t make coffee without power.

Or turn on the lights so you can actually read.

EcoFlow portable power banks eliminate that problem.

You simply charge these devices directly from your utility socket and put it away until you have a power emergency.

Or you can take things a step further and charge your EcoFlow “battery” using solar panels, supplying you with unlimited green energy.

Their entry-level model retails for $499, but that doesn’t include any solar panels.

Eco Flow Affiliate Program Stats

Products like these are really in vogue right now, especially because climate change is such a concern.

And affiliates stand to make around $73 per sale by doing your bit to help others control their carbon emissions.

URL: EcoFlow affiliate program

Commission:  3%

EPC:  $46.43

Cookie duration: 30 days


garmin homepage screenshot

Garmin is probably best known for its GPS navigation systems for cars and trucks.

But – and this is something I didn’t know – they also manufacture a whole range of other tech products.

In fact, this might just be a dream come true for any tech affiliate marketer reading this.

Garmin also sells a whole range of wearable technology such as wristwatch maps, smartwatches, and satellite “phones”.

But you can also rely on them for GPS trackers for sporting dogs, fish-finding sonar for watercraft, and even touchscreen aviation displays for small aircraft.

That’s besides all their usual GPS gear for cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

Garmin Affiliate Program Stats

You’ve probably noticed by now that tech programs tend to be top-performers on their respective affiliate network.

And Garmin is no different in that regard.

Affiliates also get an 8% cut of all referred sales, which could result in a payout of $119 if one of your visitors bought a top-end Garmin fishfinder.

URL: Garmin affiliate program

Commission:  8%

EPC:  $80.46

Cookie duration: 20 days


Dji Homepage Screenshot

We haven’t quite reached the stage of flying cars…yet…despite all the promises.

But drones bring us pretty close.

And when it comes to online stores selling drone tech, DJI is one of the biggest names in the game.

This isn’t just another e-commerce site knocking out cheap quadcopters.

These drones are serious kit, designed for everything from professional photography to inspecting commercial plants and buildings, to protecting agricultural crops.

Which is why their drones can cost upwards of $2,000 each.

Dji Affiliate Program

So what does this tech affiliate program have to offer you?

You’ll earn 5% of every DJI drone product or service you sell.

This might sound pitiful but bear in mind that 5% of a $1,000 sale is still $50.

URL: DJI affiliate program

Commission:  Up to 8%


Cookie duration: 30 days


Trackimo Homepage Screenshot

Tracking devices were a staple feature of spy and action movies for decades.

But they’re now becoming part of everyday life thanks to companies like Trackimo.

And this is actually a good thing – there’s a huge demand for affordable GPS trackers right now.

You can use Trackimo devices to find a lost dog, a downed drone, or lost or stolen luggage at the airport.

You can even use one to locate an elderly parent who has wandered too far from home.

These trackers have dozens of different applications spanning multiple niches – there’s a lot of potential here.

Trackimo Affiliate Program Stats

But they’re also not exactly cheap – a typical Trackimo device costs at least $198.

The good news for you as an affiliate is that they pay 20% commission on all sales generated by you.

So that means an average payout of $39 per sale.

URL: Trackimo affiliate program

Commission:  20%


Cookie duration: 7 days


Epson Homepage Screenshot

Oh God…we’re not going to talk about inkjet printers as if they’re high-tech…are we?


Yes, Epson is probably best known for its printer products.

But did you know they also manufacture stuff like projectors, industrial robots, and AR (Augmented Reality) glasses?

And that those same AR glasses integrate with DJI drones?

See…there is a method to our madness.

So, their projectors will appeal to anyone interested in creating a home cinema, for example.

And their augmented reality glasses will appeal to nerds everywhere.

Epson Affiliate Program Stats

So the commission rate here stinks – it’s just 2%.

But if you factor in that a pair of Epson smartglasses costs over $900, you’ll still earn $18 per referral.

URL: Epson affiliate program

Commission:  2%

EPC:  $34.05

Cookie duration: 14 days

Frontpoint Home Security

Frontpoint Homepage Screenshot

We started this blog post featuring smart home technology, so we thought it would be fitting to wrap it up the same way.

Except this time we’re talking about home security instead of high-fidelity wirelessly streamed audio.

Frontpoint Security sells a range of DIY home security products, ones where you’re not tied to a contract.

Their wireless systems offer security for the entire home, from a break-in to fires and even flood alarms.

They also don’t stop working in excessively cold or warm conditions and continue operating even if the burglar smashes the panel or if the power goes out.

And your visitors only have to pay a once-off cost instead of expensive monthly fees.

Frontpoint Affiliate Program StatsFrontpoint Affiliate Program Stats

Home security tech isn’t exactly exciting, is it?

But what if you knew this company pays its affiliates $175 per lead.

Things just got more exciting, right?

Generating twelve leads per month is enough to replace the income from an average day job.

URL: Frontpoint Security affiliate program

Commission:  $175 per lead


Cookie duration: 20 days

Over To You

There were hundreds of different companies we could have included here.

But we were forced to whittle our choices down to just 12 of the best tech affiliate programs doing the rounds.

Some of these offer anywhere from $175 to $500 for every new customer you send their way.

The end goal though was to give you enough variety in these programs so that they could apply across multiple niches.

So that you could simply slot a new offer into your existing affiliate site.

You don’t have an affiliate site?

Well, why not let us show you how to build one in our FREE 2-hour web class?

There’s nothing to buy.

But there’s a whole lot to learn about affiliate marketing and affiliate sites.

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