Instagram Tools That Will Help Your Account Stand Out
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Instagram Tools That Will Help Your Account Stand Out

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Instagram Tools That Will Help Your Account Stand Out

Get Ready To Improve Your Instagram Engagement Rates With New Video Formats! This Feature is Truly Amazing.

Whether we’re talking about Instagram stories, IGTV or Reels, We Must admit that video content is part of a new age of marketing that will determine who will survive and thrive and who will become the next internet celebrity.

Gone are the days in which Instagram was Nothing More Than A platform for sharing photos and ideas, Nowadays Being An Extremely Powerful marketing tool . that has made so many multi millionaire till date that no one can tell.

So, today we are going to look at some Useful Tools That Can Help In making Instagram more beneficial for you and your business.

We’ve focused on different needs and put together a list of tools to help you every step of the way to make your Instagram account stand out which could generate you thousands of loyal followers.

From planning to editing tools, wherever the struggle is, these tools are here to make your life as a marketer easier and your posts more lovable and likeable.

So, here is a list of   

1. Instagram planning tools

2. Instagram analytics tools

  • Socialinsider

3. Instagram tools for creating and editing pictures

  • Canva
  • VSCO
  • Snapseed
  • A color story
  • Afterlight
  • Facetune

4. Instagram tools for editing and designing videos, GIF’s and stories

  • FilmoraGo
  • Storyheap
  • Promo
  • Anchor Video
  • Hyperlapse
  • Horizon
  • Funimate
  • Lapse it
  • Apple Clips
  • Quick
  • Fastory

5. Instagram quote apps

  • Word Swag
  • Over

1. Instagram planning tools


Planoly, you can simply sign up for free and use the various features to plan and schedule your feeds with no difficulty at all. This Software has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature, this tool is simple and user-friendly. It has many fans.

You can also schedule uploads and feeds in advance by not only days or weeks, but also in months. But Should Be Carefull When Using this Feature.

Give it a Look and you’ll see all the great ways in which this Tool can help you organize your Instagram accounts for Maximum benefit. This Could be your best solution for the upcoming market battle.

A quick look of how the Planoly dashboard looks like.


This tool allows you to synchronize all your visual content from photos to videos in one place.

This will help you plan and schedule all uploads so that they can appear as and when you want them to.

You can also optimize your efforts and workflow by synchronizing your Instagram account with various media storages using Later.

This is how the Later dashboard looks like.

2. Instagram analytics tool

Social Insider

Using Social Insider, You Can Monitor The Actions And Activities oF Your Competitors On Instagram And Other Social Media Platforms In A Matter of Minutes, This Will Give you the actions of the future which will surely make you the winner.

This tool will also help you compare your success ratio and win in comparison with that of your competitors so that you can plan your campaigns accordingly.

Book a trial for this analytics tool.

3. Instagram tools for creating and editing pictures

A color story


If you are looking to create and design unique, amazing and eye-grabbing stories on Instagram, Canva is the app for you.

The tool offers you a library of templates for Instagram stories that you can use to tell amazing and attractive stories. The Followers will definitely Increase and will enjoy the wonderfull posts.

All you Need to do is download that App And Use the Many Predefined Templates With Pictures and Photos. The App is Filled With Amazing Creation Ability That Can  Transform any buisness.

Here are some examples of Canva's popular designs.


An Incredible Tool That Allows You To Click And Edit Pictures, VSCO is One of The Most Popular And Commonly Used Photo Editing Apps In The Market In 2021.

There are numerous filters that allow you to customize your pictures so that you can appeal to your followers in ways you desire and is required according to the result you wish for.

There are several other features in this Tool That Will Help You Create the Ideal Photos, Which can create wonderfull Graphics Like a professional graphics designer.

Snap Seed

Regardless of whether you wish to edit your photos while On The Move or where ever you feel comfortable, Snap Seed is the App For You and For the Starters in the Industry.

This Tool Is Fairly Simple And Easy To Use, And Allows You A Number of useful features to make your pictures appear more professional.

A Color Story

One of the best and most popular photo editing apps among Instagram users, A Color Story features more than 100 filters, over 40 different effects and numerous other photo-editing tools. This is the App I have used this month and even my team loved this app.

This is perfect for you to edit your pictures and make them more appealing before you can upload them. Just make sure its relevant with current style format.

The App Also Allows You To Save Your Customizations As New filters that can be Used In Future Pictures When Needed. We Just Love the App For What It Is.


If you are looking for an app that Will Help You Edit Your Pictures Quickly And Without Much fuss, Afterlight is the one we all need. It’s Enough for  Our Pictures.

This App has Numerous Wonderful Features That Include 15 Unique Adjustment Tools, 79 Different Filters, 78 Textures, 128 Simplistic Frames and a host of Other Tools For Cropping And Transforming Your Photos in the way you want.

These features will help you edit your photos and get the desired effects in seconds then you can show your friends and the world your talent for creating graphics.


With This You Can Now Create And Edit your Pictures to Perfection.

This app allows you to enhance your photos through the use of numerous filters, textures, frames and many other such tools to make them look appealing and attractive.

The app is also fairly easy to use, making it possible for you to create supreme quality photos without needing you to have the Skill Sets of Professional Photographers, making it one of the best Instagram photo editing tools Ever made. Is this on of a kind app.

4. Instagram tools for editing and designing videos, GIF’s and stories

Anchor Video
Lapse it
Apple Clips

Filmora Go

Filmora, a mainstay in low-cost, high-quality video editing, has the subdivision called Filmora Go, This Application Is Developed For Both For iOS and Android Devices.

This free video Editor Comes with features Such As Live filters for videos, the ability to add text to Your Photos or Videos, This app is far more better than most free app on the app store.

And if You Decide To Switch to the PC or Mac Version, Switching Your Photos Over is simple. You can Completely Depend on This App.

Story heap

If you need to organize and manage your Instagram Story like the pros, such as DJ Khaled , Kylie , Malika Khan and many others, Story heap is here to help us all for our goal.

It allows Adding, Removing, or Changing anything on your Instagram Story , And It Offers Excelent Analytics, So  That You’ll Know How Your Story Is Performing and you will have enough data to show to Marketers.

It Even has an Autopilot Function, Publishing to all of your Story on it’s own , so you can have your favourite coffee break.

This is a preview of the Storyheap dashboard.


If You’re Looking For An Application dedicated to making beautiful Personalized Instagram video ads, Promo is made just for you only. You’ll will surely love the app.

With Its Affordable Pricing, You Can Promote Literally Anything

Your Localty Grocery Store, a local magic show, or Something a whole lot larger; and You’ll Still be Well Within your budget.

Try it today and you will be suprised by what you can do.

Anchor Video

From Anchor, Comes Anchor Video, Which is the Easiest Way To Create A Podcast and has the power To Display Transcribed Audio In a Video.

With its simple user interface and excellent customer service, Anchor Video from is perfect Solution for those who need something simple, yet effective for advertising on Platforms like Instagram.


Use this tool for Adding one more to the list, Hyperlapse is an incredibly useful Tool in online advertising, Excellent For Marketing Specialists those who need Something Simple And Incredibly Effective.

With up to 12x speed, Hyperlapse is easily one of the best time lapse making app in the market today, with an incredibly simple user Interface, making navigation a piece of cake in this today’s smart age.


Capturing high-quality, horizontal and vertical video has never been simpler . Horizon Makes this Extremely Easy and Powerfull For  Process.

With several awards, including a Webby award, this amazing software, complete with up to 120FPS capture for those slow-motion videos.

This has a price scale based on only what you need and can afford, Cutting out bloatware and useless features, this product is what it comes to mind when you say affordable and useful and Satisfactory.


If you’re looking for Something Simple with many features, then Funimate is Perfect For You And The Newbies.

You can draw on, add shapes, or even add text to videos very easily.

The Pro Version is around $12 monthly, but if you Believe this is the best video Editing App for You, Then The Price is a Small Donation for your Own success by yourself.

Lapse it

It’s Another Amazing Time Lapse Application, It is very simple to use. With this You Can Make Amazing Time Lapse Videos Right From Any Android or Ios Device. Make It a Daily Habit and Play It Like a Game You Will be a Master in no time.

It Can Even Capture Video In As high as 1080p in the Pro Version, Giving You A Nice, Clean, and Crisp Video For Your Advertisement.

Apple Clips

Apple Clips is an iOS application used to add text, icons, and other effects to videos. While the primary function of Clips for iOS is to share fun videos with friends, This Can Most Certainly also be used for advertising on platforms like Instagram.

Coming from another Tech Giant, Apple Company , Clips are easy to use, and, best of all, free. Try it today and See how much fun you’ll have creating videos for any goal you want to achieve  through your videos.


If you plan on taking advertisement videos on Instagram with a GoPro then Quick is the best piece of software made for you.

With apps on both the iOS App and Google Play Stores, Quick is both accessible and easy to use for Every Kind of Industry.

It’s Even Got Formats Specifically For Instagram, helping You Even further. This Makes Things Even More Interesting and Easy to do and have. Publish the Things You Have Made Openly On The Internet And Let Them Enjoy.


Use Fastory For Creating your Ideas to Life. With Billions of people using stories every single day, you know you’re going to need to bring your brand to life, this is where you and I can use Fastory.

This Is A Seamless Video Editor, Publisher, And Provides Analytics Which You can Trust, This Program Is Perfect For Large Businesses That Want To Reach New heights With Their Instagram Stories, Use this app And Your Account’s Reach Will Increase  Rapidly.

5. Instagram Quote Apps

Word Swag

Use Word Swag When You Want to insert quotes and Place Stylish Text on Your Photos, This Is Among The Best Apps That Can Help You do so. We Tried the App for 1 Month We Loved It ,Give It a Try , It’s Very Simple to Use.

The app features 48 varying fonts with tons of graphic designs and backgrounds for you to create the perfect quotes you desire for  the  message you want to convey to others.

You can easily use These Layouts With Your Own Photos To Create the Ideal blend of beautiful Photos And Attractive Text Messages. Use It to Maximum Length to know the Potential of the app.


This app makes you stylish quotes on your Inspirational  Pics.

This app is not only creative, but also extremely easy to use. It also allows you to choose from many graphics and a set of 18 varying fonts along with color and Size Adjustments To Create And Customize Your Written Quotes.

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