Top 10 Cloud Hosting Providers in India

The world of hosting has become a booming business venture, which is the reason why a web hosting checklist is necessary.

There are different Cloud Hosting providers offering different packages. From the Best Cloud Hosting India to Virtual Private Servers to Dedicated Servers, all of these serve a specific niche, defined by cost, software as well as disk space requirements.

Hosting can be defined as a client wishing to start a website or online business, which needs a server to run from. They go to a hosting company to provide the server for them and they “rent” space from the provider. The Best Cloud Hosting Provider takes care of the maintenance & upkeep of the server and the client is able to use the server to run his website.

Best Cloud Hosting Providers in India

One kind of hosting that has seen a particular swell in popularity is Cloud Hosting. In this article, we’ll check out the Best Cloud hosting in India. But, first, let’s have a look at what Cloud computing is to understand how Best Cloud Hosting actually works.

What is Cloud Computing?

We’ve all heard about Best Cloud Hosting and how we can back things up to the Cloud but how many of us actually understand what “the cloud” means.

Cloud computing is a type of computing that entails linking multiple computers and having them share their unified resources. This allows for more resources to be available for the users, as well as more reliability, as the cloud-connected computers can share the burden of whatever is being done in the cloud.

These computers do not need to be in the same region or even in the same country. Notable products and services that use Cloud computing are companies like, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Dropbox, to name just a few. There are many companies out there that offer this service. In this article, we’ll check these Best Cloud hosting companies in India for 2018.

Now that we know what Cloud computing is, we can take a look at what Best Cloud Hosting is. To put it simply, Cloud server hosting is hosting using multiple servers running separate tasks instead of having one server taking a full load of tasks and processes.

What is Cloud Hosting?

The concept of hosting is pretty simple. It is one company hosting other companies’ websites on its servers and getting an income from these companies. As can be imagined, this can take up a lot of computing resources.

With the advent of Cloud computing, many best hosting providers in India have moved to offer cheap Cloud hosting so as to be able to provide to the ever increasing demands on computer resources.

Yet the question remains, what is the main difference between Cloud server hosting and other kinds of hosting?

To have a good idea of what Best Cloud Hosting is like; consider a group of friends that share a bank account. They all have equal investments in the bank account. They may be separate individuals, but from the account’s perspective, they are one. They pooled their investments into a single account so as to enjoy the benefits of having much more resources at their fingertips individually.

Now, should a situation occur where one of the friends needs to borrow money from the account, he is able to draw on a much higher sum than if it was only his investment.

Cloud hosting works in the same way.

Multiple Cloud servers have data from different sites and they run these sites. When a site needs resources or even goes over its usual resource allocation, this is easily taken care of, as it is a pool of different machines and not just one that has to shoulder the load.

Cloud hosting means clients are able to use resources, from multiple servers, when they need them. Hence most Cloud hosting price includes a pay-as-you-use feature, the same if one would use a service utility, like electricity.

The use of multiple servers has many benefits, chief among them being reliability. If one server goes down, there will be another ready to pick up the slack. This is unlike the situation where only one server is used for hosting and it bears an entire load of all the websites hosted on it.

Therefore, it is wise to research and purchase a hosting plan from the top cloud hosting provider in your budget range.

Features of Best Cloud Hosting

Now that we have an even better understanding of what Cloud hosting is, let’s discuss what the most notable features of this popular cloud hosting option are:


Many of the best Cloud hosting providers in India offer 100% guaranteed uptime. That is because of the inbuilt reliability that comes with using Cloud computing and its many server approaches.


Most Cloud Hosting India service providers use utility type pricing. This means you pay for what you use. More importantly, you don’t pay for what you don’t use. So initially you may pay a higher price to go Cloud but you may see savings in the long run as you use the site and its resources.

Seamless scaling

Because Cloud services use a pay-as-you-use pricing method you will be able to scale up or down seamlessly using a software as your website demands. This is one of the reasons why Cloud hosting in India is so popular.

These are just some of the web hosting features that are available to you as a Cloud hosting client. However, this doesn’t mean Cloud Hosting might be the right choice for you yet. Let’s find out more below,

Is Cloud Hosting Right For You?

As we have said in other articles, hosting is not a one-size-fits-all service. The web hosting packages on offer are all good and have their advantages and disadvantages. But, they may not all be the correct choice and option for your particular business. So, this then begs the question: is Cloud server hosting right for you?

For this article, we will look at 6 possible situations that would make Best Cloud hosting the right choice for you.

  • If you are a small business looking to create a website and are thinking of getting a server for this site.
  • You are looking for reliable and ease of access to all your web applications & data. Best Cloud hosting is very reliable because of how it is put together. It is somewhat more reliable than other hosting options.
  • If you want to make sure you have a backup plan in the catastrophic scenario of you losing all your data. One of the big benefits of Cloud server hosting is that it is decentralized and therefore, your data is that much safer.
  • You are aiming at growth and you want a hosting plan that will allow for scalability as well as flexibility. Best Cloud hosting is great in that if you ever reach the limits of the Cloud, resources can be added as needed.
  • If you don’t yet have the resources and capital necessary for on-site hosting then Cloud hosting may be a possible cheaper yet high-quality option for you to use. This is because there are many affordable Cloud hosting providers who offer cheap Cloud hosting in India.
  • If you are outgrowing online document storage services and need to store more than just documents online.

These are all possible reasons for you to choose Best Cloud hosting. If you should feel that Cloud hosting is the right choice for you, you will still have another step to go through. You have to research the best Cloud provider you’d like to use.

This is important, so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into when you sign on the dotted line with any of the Best cloud hosting providers in India.

Cloud Hosting – Advantages & Disadvantages

As mentioned earlier, there are many advantages to using Cloud hosting that makes it a very enticing choice. So, what are the top benefits or advantages to Cloud hosting?

In this article we will look at five advantages: reliability, physical security, scalability and flexibility, utility style costing and responsive load balance.

But, even the best packages have drawbacks. So, what are some of the disadvantages of Cloud hosting?

In this article, we will look at 3 disadvantages: vulnerability of data, a saturation of access and complex tools.


  • Reliability: Due to the architecture of Cloud computing, Cloud hosting is much more reliable. It is the result of pooling resources from multiple servers. This helps it draw its requirements over a greater number of Cloud servers. Therefore, even after a server is down, you’ll experience no real time effect on your website.
  • Physical Security: The physical servers that make up the virtual server are housed in data centers, so they have the added physical security afforded by those data centers. This furthermore means that your website is double or triple protected, as most Cloud servers are housed across a myriad of data centres. These also make taking a backup that much easier.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: All companies aim at growth. Cloud hosting services are designed so that when the website grows, the resources to match this growth will be easily available. This can even be in instances of a spike in activity on the site. Because the Cloud is the way it is, it can flexibly allocate more resources to match this spike.
  • Utility Style Costing: As we have explained, Cloud hosting is a big pool of resources from multiple servers. As such, one website will not use all of these resources all the time. Most times Cloud hosting packages have a pay-as-you-use feature, where you pay for the resources you use. The same way you would if you were paying for electricity, water, or any other utility.
  • Responsive Load Balance: When one server goes down on the Cloud network, the load is balanced among the other servers still active. This means that a balance of the load will then need to be made so as to not overburden a single server. This is done with software, meaning that it is seamless & efficient and has no visible effects on your website from the client’s perspective.


  • The Vulnerability of Data: We have spoken about the security of using Cloud hosting, however, it does have its downside. Because Cloud hosting is decentralized, it means you do not have complete physical control of the server (s) you are using. As such, should one of the data centers be vulnerable so will your data?
  • Saturation of Access: This is one of the reasons you have to research your Best Cloud hosting providers thoroughly. If the host does not have a healthy and successful service infrastructure in place, you may find yourself with access issues.
  • Complex Tools: Depending on your provider, you may find the implement tools a little complex. This is why you have to be sure of the Cloud hosting package you choose before you sign, especially if you are a beginner.

1. Kamatera Hosting 

Kamatera is a global cloud service platform provider, providing enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure products to organizations of all types and sizes.

Kamatera is part of an international IT-based service provider established in 1995 and is at the cutting edge of cloud computing technology thanks to 20 years of expertise, access to the most advanced technologies, and a high level of customer service.

With more than 13 data centers worldwide, Kamatera provides Cloud Services focused mainly on VPS Hosting, starting from $4 a month (!). Kamatera doesn’t offer servers specifically in India, but since the main services are Virtual Private Servers their performance makes up for it and gives an amazing Value For Money.

  • Kamatera guaranteed to 99.95% uptime – Thanks to Kamatera’s purpose-built, globally distributed data centers incorporating the latest technologies, servers are kept stable and available at all times, under virtually any conditions.
  • Instant scaling – Kamatera cloud servers give you absolute freedom to configure, scale up or down and add new components as required without any additional cost. Moreover, you can scale your configuration during the 30 Day Free Trial.
  • Simple backup – Every component has at least N+1 redundancy resilience, which is a parallel backup device that will automatically be deployed in the event of a component failure. This means that any hardware failure in any power supply unit, hard disk drive, power phase, UPS, memory, or CPU will automatically switch to an alternative device, without you having to worry about the configuration required to make it all work.
  • Flexibility – Deployment of over 40 Apps. and Services in the cloud with a click of a button and without any commitment or setup fee.
  • 30 Day Free Trial – open a free account, configure your server, scale as much as you want, and if you wouldn’t like what you got, no strings attached.
  • Billing Flexibility – Per Month or Per Day

Domains Can Be Hosted – Unlimited

Price – starts from $4 a month/$0.005 per hour

2. AccuWeb Hosting 

AccuWeb Hosting is a well-known player in the hosting industry that has been serving the customers worldwide for the past 15 years. As it has the diverse cloud web hosting plans for both Windows & Linux and data centre located in India, I’m adding this reliable server service in the top of my list.

It has more than 10 data centres across the globe and India is one among them. Here is a simple guide from the AccuWeb Hosting to pick your ideal hosting location.

  • Robust Hardware: Their aim is to offer 100% uptime through the Cloud VPS plans and hence they have superfluous hardware with KVM virtualization technology.
  • Weekly Backup: The value of your data is priceless. If you experience data theft, then it would be a frustrating moment. To avoid such an annoying situation, you may get paid weekly backup service at an affordable cost and stay relaxed.
  • Completely Scalable: Whenever your business grows, you may easily upgrade the resources and handle the traffic spikes.
  • Highly Flexible: You will get the cPanel with everything pre-installed and pre-configured and thus, it is easy to use and manage the things. Moreover, instant account activation is available with all the tools installed.
  • Enhanced Security: You don’t need to worry about security concerns because they have multilayer DDOS protection on their cloud servers.
  • Refund Policy: If you are not getting satisfied with their cloud VPS service, then you may get your paid money back within 7 days.

Price – The plan starts at $7.99 per month

Domains Can Be Hosted – Unlimted

3. MilesWeb

Milesweb is an emerging cloud server hosting India which has been built for the Web developers and avid bloggers who need cloud hosting for their dedicated projects.

  • Developer Support: You get more than 100+pre-configured applications like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, WooCommerce, etc. which are available to install on your server with just one click.
  • Suitable For Developers: Milesweb support all sorts of languages stacks including, Java, PHP, Node.js, Python, etc. So, if you are a developer, you could quickly develop without needing to install each stack every time you required. If you are a pro developer, you are allowed to use empty VPS as well with full Root access.
  • Scaling And Security: They offer automated server scaling, with no downtime at all. And, your site data is being distributed over several servers to minimize the load. Managing your servers and domains made easy under their friendly dashboard.
  • Trail: You can even try their Cloud VPS for 30 days with no credit card details.
  • Customer Support: You will get 24/7 support via Ticket. You can also upgrade the support plan to get live chat and phone support.
  • Billing: There is no fixed price, you pay as per your usage of their resources. Thus, you can minimize the cost of server drastically.

Price: You can start deploying your VPS on Milesweb at just Rs. 445/month

Renewal Price: Rs. 890/month

Domains Can Be Hosted: Unlimited

4. Hostgator Cloud

You might be aware of this famous hosting company in India. Hostgator is the top cloud hosting India because of its exceptional service and offers. I’m using HostGator cloud for the past one year and didn’t face any difficulty till now.

  • Performance: Hostgator Cloud claims to boost your website speed up to 2x. They provide 99.9% guaranteed uptime and unmetered Bandwidth for your VPS.
  • Dashboard: Under their integrated dashboard, you can easily monitor your site’s analytics and performance.
  • Flexible: The servers can be scaled when your website starts growing. Hence, start small and expand later.
  • CDN: Your website’s content is mirrored on three different cloud servers. If you got great high traffic on your site and overloaded one server, the other two VPS servers will act as a backup plan.
  • Integrated Cache system: You don’t need to rely on third-party cache plugins, Hostgator VPS are already optimized for caching to serve your web pages with better speed.
  • SSL Support: They even offer free SSL support if you choose their high-end plan.

Price: Starts from as low as Rs. 575/month (Rs. 7681/year)

Renewal Price: Rs. 915/month (Rs. 10,974/year)

Domains Can Be Hosted: Single domain (basic plan), Unlimited Domains (Rest of the plans)

5. Hosting Raja

Hosting Raja is one of the most trusted Indian Cloud VPS providers with exceptional features. All the VPS are entirely managed, there is no need to pay extra money for the management.

  • Free Migration: They offer free migration from your existing hosting providers. Even, the backups and restore are completely free.
  • cPanel: Free Admin cPanel is given on all plans for easy management of your VPS server and websites hosted on it.
  • Developer support: WordPress and other CMS software, including Magento, Joomla is free to install at one mouse click.
  • Faster Performance: While you buy VPS cloud, you can choose b/w Apache or Nginx stack. If you are confused between them, I suggest Nginx as it is proven as much faster than Apache.
  • Trial: You can try their hosting for seven days, but it comes with  Rs. 500 price tag.

Price: The pricing starts from Rs. 1425

Renewal Price: Same as the main price, no changes!

Domains Can Be Hosted: Unlimited

6. Cloudways

Cloudways is one of the best cloud hosting providers in India with managed VPS. They provide you with management service other cloud hostings like Digital Ocean, Amazon AWS.

I have great and fast hosting experience with them. I would say that no one can beat this managed cloud hosting service at the low monthly price.

  • Datacenters: You can set up your website at two different Indian locations: Bengaluru and Mumbai using CloudWays service.
  • Dashboard: The Dashboard is wholly optimized concerning user demands with easy to use layout. You can manage and monitor all your servers under a single dashboard. The backups are handled by themselves.
  • Performance: On server-side, SSD’s are being used on all plans with nearly 100% uptime. For better performance and to avoid unwanted downtimes, Cloudways CDN has been used on all websites.
  • Flexible Pricing with Free SSL: On every plan, you get free SSL and all major CMS installations at free of cost along with 24/7 live support. The pricing is based on your plan which you can scale up or down quickly.

Price: Starts from $10/month Digital Ocean Plan

Renewal Price: Same as the main price!

Domains Can Be Hosted: Unlimited

7. CloudOye

CloudOye has partnered up with Amazon AWS to provide the best in a class cloud VPS services to Indian web developers and bloggers. With 16+ years of expertise in the Hosting market, this cloud server India provides excellent service and features as follows.

  • Performance: Regarding specifications, CloudOye VPS comes with Dual Intel Xeon processor coupled with SSD to guarantee higher performance and IOPS (Input and Output per second).The servers are designed to provide 99.95% guaranteed uptime and check routinely for any malicious files.
  • Security: In case of any disaster or accidents, you can easily retrieve your site content and databases via their recovery feature.
  • Scaling: The scaling is automated, which scales according to your website’s traffic and performance.
  • Support: The support is also great with the live chat option.

Price: Rs. 2.21/hr or Rs. 1595/month

Renewal Price: No need to pay an extra price!

Domains Can Be Hosted: Unlimited

8. Bluehost Cloud

In my best cloud hosting India list, BlueHost India is one more well-known web hosting service for the internet marketers and bloggers with reasonable price line.

  • Dashboard: Bluehost provides simple to use fully managed Cloud VPS with a great panel where you can see your site performance, page load time, uptime, etc. under a single roof.
  • CDN: As you set up your site on Bluehost VPS, they automatically host your content on three other mirrored servers as backup.
  • Scalability: Scaling can be performed with no downtimes or any reboots in real-time.
  • Moneyback: If you think Bluehost cloud VPS is not for you, then you can get your money back within 30days of purchase.
  • Bandwidth: The bandwidth is unmetered, and you can even get unlimited storage and domain support in higher plans.
  • Customer Support: The support team will be available 24/7/365 for your service.
  • Cheap: BlueHost India has inexpensive pricing plans, and hence it is considered as cheap cloud hosting India.

Price: Starting from Rs. 499 (on 3-year plan)

Domains Can Be Hosted: Single domain (Starter plan), Unlimited domains (on other plans)

9. Go4Hosting Cloud

Go4Hosting and CloudOye both Cloud hosting providers India are owned and managed by the same team, so the features and pricing are almost similar.

  • Fee Structure: The billing is based on the hourly usage, not on a monthly basis.
  • cPanel: You get fully fledged control panel for free to control and maximize the resources of your server as your website grows.
  • Root Access: You can get access to the root remotely under enterprise plans.
  • Multiple IPs: Depending on your requirements, you are allowed to get either 1 or 2 dedicated IP addresses.
  • Transfer Rate: The monthly data transfer ranges from 50GB to 3200GB transfer.

Price: Rs. 2.21/hour or Rs. 1595/month

Renewal Price: No need to pay an extra price!

Domains Can Be Hosted: Unlimited

10. ComputeHost

This best cloud server in India again part of Go4Hosting and CloudOyeteam, but with a reasonable price tag.

  • Other Options: They offer both Cloud VPS as well as dedicated cloud hosting services, so you can choose whichever suits you.
  • Flexibility: ComputeHost allows, its users to scale their servers for unlimited times.
  • Support: The support will be available for 24/7/365 via live chat or phone call.
  • 99.95% uptime guaranteed on these cloud servers.
  • Pre-Configured OS: You can deploy the server running a wide variety of OS like CentOS, Linux or Windows 8.

Price: Rs. 1208/month

Renewal Price: No need to pay an extra price!

Domains Can Be Hosted: Unlimited

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